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POE-165S - IEEE 802.3af/at to Passive PoE Power Converter (12V/19V/24V)

POE-165S  - IEEE 802.3af/at to Passive PoE Power Converter (12V/19V/24V)
POE-165S - IEEE 802.3af/at to Passive PoE Power Converter (12V/19V/24V)


Simplify Internet Usage with Passive PoE Converter
PLANET POE-165S IEEE 802.3af/at to Passive PoE Converter convert a standard IEEE 802.3af/at PoE input powered device to 12V/19V/24V passive PoE power output device, designed to solve the issue of the difficulty in finding power outlets in outdoor places. Being able to operate under wide temperature range from -40 to 75 degrees C, the POE-165S can be placed in almost any difficult environment. The POE-165S is suitable for either DIN rail or wall mounting for the efficient use of cabinet space.
Innovative Selectable DC Power Output Voltage
Via the innovative 12/19/24 volt DIP switch, the POE-165S can supply 12V/19V/24V DC power to the network devices, such as outdoor wireless access point. It highly increases the flexibility of the product applications.
Easy Centralized Power Management
As the POE-165S can obtain power from IEEE 802.3af/at PoE switch/injector and supply the power to the remote device by passive PoE port, network administrator can remotely power off/on the remote device by the managed PoE switch/injector through the POE-165S.

Plug and Play, Easy Cabling Installation
With IEEE 802.3af/at Gigabit Power over Ethernet devices installed, the system administrator only has to use one single RJ-45 Ethernet cable to transmit both power and data to each device. Besides, by connecting the Industrial High Power PoE Injector with the POE-165S, you can also have the benefits of cost saving, easy networking planning and high network reliability.



  • 2-Port 10/100/1000Mbps RJ-45 interfaces
  • - 1-Port Data + Power output
    - 1-Port Data + 802.3af/at Power input

Standard Power over Ethernet Input Port

  • Complies with IEEE 802.3af/at Power over Ethernet PD

Passive Power over Ethernet Output Port

  • Non-IEEE 802.3af/at injector port
  • 1 DC 12V/19V/24V DIP switch
  • Power Output Pin: 4/5(+), 7/8(-)


  • Metal case
  • LED indicators for PoE-In LED and 12V/19V/24V Output Voltage LED

Standard Compliance

  • IEEE 802.3 10Base-T
  • IEEE 802.3u 100Base-TX
  • IEEE 802.3ab 1000Base-T
  • IEEE 802.3at High Power over Ethernet
  • IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet
  • FCC Part 15 Class A, CE


IEEE 802.3af/at Passive PoE Power Converter Installation:
Due to the capability of IEEE 802.3af/at standard, the POE-165S can co-work with the IEEE 802.3af/at Gigabit PoE injector devices. The POE-165S has three optional outputs (12V/19V/24V DC) for non-PoE devices, such as multi-channel wireless LAN access points and other network devices.


Hardware Specification
InterfacePoE In Port: 1 x IEEE 802.3af/at RJ-45 STP / PD
Passive PoE Out Port: 1 x non-802.3af/at RJ-45 STP / PSE
LED IndicatorSystem
 ● PoE In (Green)

Passive PoE Out
 ● 12V (Green)
 ● 19V (Green)
 ● 24V (Green)
Network Cable10Base-T: 2-Pair UTP Cat. 3, 4, 5
100Base-TX: 2-Pair UTP Cat. 3, 4, 5
1000Base-T: 2-Pair UTP Cat. 5, 5e, 6
EIA/TIA-568 100-ohm STP
DIP Switch12V/19V/24V DC Output Voltage
Power InputIEEE 802.3af/at Power over Ethernet End-Span / Mid-Span Class 4 PD
Power OutputMaximum Passive PoE
12V DC, 0.7A
19V DC, 0.7A
24V DC, 0.7A
Power Output Pin Assignment4/5(+), 7/8(-)
Data Rate10/100/1000Mbps
Maximum DistanceUp to 100meters (Including POE-165S)
Dimensions (W x D x H)94 x 70.3 x 26.2 mm
Number of devices that can be powered1
Operating Temperature-40 ~ 75 degrees C
Storage Temperature-40 ~ 85 degrees C
Operating Humidity5 ~ 90%, Relative Humidity, non-condensing
Storage Humidity5 ~ 90%, Relative Humidity, non-condensing
Compliant PLANET Outdoor Wireless Devices
2.4GHzWNAP-6306 (v2) @ 12V
5GHzWNAP-7206 @ 12V
WNAP-7300 @ 19V/24V
WNAP-7320 @ 12V/19V/24V
Standards Conformance
Standards ComplianceIEEE 802.3 10Base-T Ethernet
IEEE 802.3u 100Base-TX Fast Ethernet
IEEE 802.3ab 1000Base-T Gigabit Ethernet
IEEE 802.3at High Power over Ethernet
IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet
Regulation ComplianceFCC Part 15 Class A, CE

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