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BSP-300 Industrial Solar Power POE Switch

BSP-300 Industrial Solar Power POE Switch
BSP-300 Industrial Solar Power POE Switch

 The PLANET BSP-300 Industrial Solar Power PoE Switch now provides the ideal solution. Powered by Zero-Carbon emission source -- the sunlight, the BSP-300 incorporates Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) charge controllers to effectively force the solar panels to operate at the same voltage as the battery bank during charging. The BSP-300 can empower the high power PoE network devices anywhere without any obstacles of geographical barrier.

With the integration of the IEEE 802.3at PoE technology and solar power system, the BSP-300 provides hassle-free and maintenance-free solution for those in need for fast connectivity that requires great flexibility and reliability, such as remote monitoring and long distance wireless communication. The BSP-300 makes the network deployment easier and more reliably.

Dual IEEE802.3at / 802.3af Power over Ethernet interfaces
 - Free the wiring for networking system installation, up to 100 meters distance for both
  power and data transmission
 - Enables flexible installation of dual PoE Wireless Access Point, Hot-spot Gateway or
  Surveillance system.
• Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Protection
 - Reverse current protection to prevent the current circuits from flowing back to the PV panel
 - Over-current and Over-temperature protection
 - Reverse polarity protection (for battery and charging electrodes)
 - PWM voltage output control at power load

• Smart Power Management System
 - Co-working with 300 watts solar PV kit and battery, the BSP-300 empowers the connected
  PoE devices in the day time and charging the battery stably.
 - In the night time, the smart power system monitors and empower the client devices and
  helps to extend the battery life from charging and discharging.
 - Easy diagnose of the system operating status via LED indicator
 - Parameter settings can be remotely configured through the computer
• Installation
 - Integrates with solar PV and battery for easy installation of PoE devices and enabling client
  devices Plug-and-Play
 - Battery type options: Nickel-cadmium battery, Lead-acid battery

Network Connector

3-Port RJ-45 for 10/100/1000Base-T
(2-Port with 802.3at / 802.3af PoE injector function)