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Connect-IT 1040UM Self-Powered Universal Sync/Async Short-Range Modem

Connect-IT 1040UM Self-Powered Universal Sync/Async Short-Range Modem
Connect-IT 1040UM Self-Powered Universal Sync/Async Short-Range Modem

The Patton Connect-IT Model 1040UM self-powered miniature short range modem packs the features of Patton's Model 1080 into a package that requires no AC power. Operating asynchronously or synchronously, the Model 1040UF supports data rates to 38.4 Kbps and distances to 12 miles (19.3 Km). The Model 1040UM will operate over 2 or 4 wires, in point-to-point or multipoint environments. In synchronous mode, the Model 1040UM supports Internal, External or Receive loopback clocking.

The Model 1040UM incorporates two V.54 and two V.52 BER test modes, which can be activated via the RS-232 interface. Built-in LEDs let you monitor test mode operation. Additional peace of mind comes from knowing that the Model 1040UM has both transformer isolation and surge protection to guard against data loss. The Model 1040UM is designed to plug directly into the RS-232 interface. Twisted pair wire is connected using RJ-11, RJ-45 or terminal blocks.

--Image: Made in USA --- Async or Sync Operation

- RS-232 Data Rates to 38.4 Kbps

- Distances to 12 Miles (19.3 Km)

- Multipoint or Point-to-Point

- V.52 and V.54 Test Modes

- Automatic Line Equalisation

- Internal, External or Receive Recover Clocking (Sync Mode)

- Transformer Isolation and Surge Protection

- Made in the USA — The 1040UF is designed by Patton engineers and built in our Gaithersburg, Maryland facility. Patton's American-made manufacturing process delivers high-quality networking solutions with reliability you can trust.

Range: 10 miles (16.1Km) @ 1200 bps on 22 AWG 2-pair wire

Data Rates: Sync & Async: 1.2, 1.8, 2.4, 3.6, 4.8, 7.2, 9.6, 14.4, 19.2, 28.8, 38.4, externally switch selection

Operation: Point-to-point or multipoint

Transmit Mode: 2-wire/half duplex, 4-wire/full duplex

Interface: EIA RS-232, CCITT V.2

Connectors: DB-25 M, F (RS-232), RJ-11 jack and terminal block

Diagnostics: 100% V.54 compliant and 100% V.52 compliant BER tests

LED Indicators: BERT indicator, Loop/Test indicator

Carrier: Constantly ON or controlled by RTS

RTS/CTS Delay: Externally strap selected to 0.7, or 50 mS

Receive Clock: Derived from receive signal

Transmit Clock: Internal, external or looped back from recovered signal

Isolation: Transformer, 1500V RMS

Surge Protection: 600 Watts power dissipation for up to 1 msec

Dimensions: 6.6 x 1.9 x 5.3 cm