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XE12-120-TX 2-Port EPoC Adapter / End-Point Receiver

XE12-120-TX 2-Port EPoC Adapter / End-Point Receiver
XE12-120-TX 2-Port EPoC Adapter / End-Point Receiver

The Aetek XE12-120-RX is a 2-Port PoE EPoC (Ethernet & Power over Coax) Adapter / End-Point Receiver and is ideal for powering one remote POE device such as an IP Camera.

This is a a long-reach solution providing Fast Ethernet and PoE over RG6 coaxial cable up to 1200m(3937ft) for two PoE IP cameras of any brand

This XE12-120-TX used in conjunction with either the Aetek 4-Port EPoC transmitter Switch (XC10-041-250) or single-port transmitters (XE10-110RX - DC Powered or XE11-110-RX PoE Powered) is often used to upgrade legacy of CCTV systems to newer IP surveillance systems without changing legacy RG59/RG6 coaxial cabling infrastructure.

Transmitter / Master options to work with this XE12-120-TX unit:

XC10-041-250 4-Port BNC EPoC Switch

XE10-110-RX 1-Port BNC EPoC Transmitter (56VDC Power Input)

XE11-110-RX 1-Port BNC EPoC Trasmitter (PoE Input - 30w/60w/95)

If you require an Industrial / Outdoor version of this XE12-120TX :

XE22-120-TX 2-Port Industrial Outdoor EPoC Adapter / End-Point Receiver 

- One BNC coax port & two PoE PSE port

- TX mode

- Wall-mount installation

- Eliminates the need for local power source at remote site

- Delivers up to 25 watts @500m(1640ft) shared between two PoE IP cameras


75Ω Coaxial BNC Port


10/100Mpps Ethernet RJ45 Port


Transmission mode

TX mode

MAX.(Power+Data) Distance

Two cameras share 25W@500m(1640 ft)

Power Specifications

Surge Protection


PoE Pass Through


Mechanical Specifications

Dimensions (WxHxD)

103 x 86.6 x 28.9 mm (4.06x3.41x1.14")


0.26 kg (0.57 lb)


BNCx1 , RJ45x2

Environmental Specifications

Operating Temperature

-20°C ~ 60°C (-28°F ~ 140°F)

Storage Temperature

-20°C ~ 85°C (-28°F ~ 185°F)

Operating Humidity

5% ~ 90% non-condensing




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