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OT-PLC601POE-2P - Single Port PoE Ethernet Extender

OT-PLC601POE-2P - Single Port PoE Ethernet Extender
OT-PLC601POE-2P - Single Port PoE Ethernet Extender


OT-PLC601POE-2P Single Port PoE Ethernet Extender is a high-speed Ethernet transmission device. It can transmit Ethernet and Power signals together for PoE devices. It transmits data network signal  up to 1,000 meters over any pair of 2-wire such as Cat5, coaxial cable, telephone line 
and power line, etc. The maximum physical bandwidth can reach 200Mbps. 
It supports PoC and PoE functions.

It consists of the master unit and slave unit. By PoE power equipment, it can directly supply power for the remote unit, supporting point to point and point to multi-point. It can greatly simplify the project cabling, applied to expand network system and transmit long distances of PoE device signals.


  •  Max Transmission distance reach 1,000m (RVS 2×1mm2)
  •  Max physical bandwidth reach 200Mbps
  •  Support power supply over cable technology
  •  Transparent transmission, low power consumption and no adjustment 
  •  Dip switch for power output: 12VDC/2A or PoE 
  •  Built-in ESD protection circuit, in case of static damage


Cable Tips




Rate and Power Loss

OT-PLC101POE-2P supports enhanced high speed network data transmission. The data differs from the cables types. Moreover, the longer distance of cable, the lower the transmission rate accordingly. The following testing details are for your reference:

The above data is one-way network parameters. Testing is made under the condition of the cable not fully expanded. There may be differences compared with practical application of the data. Rate is only used as reference in project application. 
Network & Power can be transmitted over 2-wire. But it is worth to point out that the output power consumption of PSE must the requirements of PD. On a certain distance, PoE Ethernet Extender can support one PoE module network to supply power for multiple PD. But you must consider the power redundancy.
Power loss and attenuation differs from the cable types. The following PoE power supply testing tables are just for your reference.

Tips: In the above figure, the left vertical coordinate is PoE power output, the below horizontal coordinate is PoE transmission distance, please simultaneously contrast the horizontal and vertical coordinate to get accurate corresponding power output.

Install Instructions