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Alternative Power Solutions
We can provide custom or modified solutions to fit our customer's requirements.


The applications for alternative power source other than a long mains lead connection are growing.

Introduction of new technology that provides cleaner power and more efficient generation of sustainable resources are starting to appear.

The introduction and expansion of LED Lighting, the reduced power requirements as technology in IT, camera’s and other system advances makes the alternative powering option more available and cost-effective, especially for remote powered communications and surveillance.

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Solar & Wind Power Generation

Solar and wind both have their advantages and disadvantages, together they can be implemented to provide stable solutions.

New Solar technology is now over coming some of the limitations of materials and weight that has precluded solar application in the past and with the advent of more efficient batteries system can now be defined to support a much wider range of applications.

Greener Alternatives

Diesel and petrol-powered generators have been the staple for many years now especially for remote power solutions. The push for cleaner technology has open up the development of a new generation of fuel cells are now available and being manufactured.
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Alternative Power Solutions