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     Speak to us about your equipment / infrastructure requirements and we can provide you the most suitable options. 

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  • Data & IT Equipment Destruction Management

    IT equipment and more specifically our data in the wrong hands can be a disaster, selecting the most effective and safe way to ensure disposal meets your companies criteria, preventing information getting into the wrong hand and the subsequent effect on business revenues and potential government fines now being introduce by the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) need to be understood and acted upon.

    Our company has the knowledge and resources to ensure your policies are meet in the most cost effective way.


    Please Contact us to discuss your requirements


  • Data Destruction Services

    All of our services meet required standards and provide certification to ensure there is a true audit trial.

    Onsite data destruction

    Mobile data destruction

    Offsite pre destruction secure storage available

    Data destruction to the highest government specification can be arranged, however is not always the requirement. Understanding the level of destruction required is key to making services cost effective



  • IT Recycling

    As part of our service offering we can provide safe dispose of all types of IT equipment

    which can also be certificated to ensure your companies environmental policy is maintained.



  • Overview

    The applications for alternative power source other than a long mains lead connection are growing.

    Introduction of new technology that provide cleaner power and more efficient generation for sustainable resources are starting to appear.

    The introduction and expansion of LED Lighting, the reduction power requirements as technology in IT, camera’s and other system advances makes alternative powering option more available and cost effective, especially for remote powered communications and surveillance.


    Talk to us we have some interesting technology available.

  • Solar & Wind Power Generation

    Solar and wind both have their advantages and disadvantages, together they can be implemented to provide stable solutions.

    New Solar technology is now over coming some of the limitations of materials and weight that has precluded solar application in the past and with the advent of more efficient batteries system can now be defined to support a much wider range of applications

  • Greener Alternatives

    Diesel and petrol-powered generators have been the staple for many years now especially for remote power solutions. The push for cleaner technology has open up the development of a new generation of fuel cells are now available and being manufactured

  • Our Bespoke Services

    • Bespoke design
    • System prototypes
    • Fabrication
    • System /item Building and production
    • Testing and Conformance


    This includes system deployment kits so when an item turns up to be installed all the engineer or customer need is delivered as single package.

  • In-house Design and Build Facilities

    Staff at Saratota have been involved in defining system requirements and developing customers specific items for over a decade.


    Key to our success in the field is our ability to listen, our many years of experience and our industry contacts in fabrication and manufacturing.

    Need something different or can’t find the product you need call us.

  • Project Examples

    Specialised 3G aerial and mounting kits.


    high gain aerial, with

    Universal mounting bracket that can be used for pole, wall or extend wall/ corner,

    will support 100+ mile hour winds

    has Min loss cable and suitable adaptors

    Contains all parts for cable fitting.

    Spare adaptor/connectors

    Optional installation tool kit

    Aerial was designed for customer with High gain and integrated connectors

    mounting bracket took 4 designs and prototypes before standardising

    Kit specially boxed with everything.


    Redundant Multiple industrial media conversion Chassis system (in production over 4 years)

    Development of a multiple industrial Rack system supporting 6 high speed POE camera’s, limited rack space and camera’s must be powered independently deployed in Fibre/copper infrastructure.

    Rack developed to allow multiple positioning allowing fibre to be connected without damage, dual power units with industrial POE media converters, Rack pre-wired, equipment added to rack, tested.


    External waterproof housings


    Saratota have developed different external product housings for industrial and commercially available products.





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